Child and Parent Conflict

Family life is one of the most stressful life experiences and requires great adaptability because of the many challenges to be faced. From childhood to adulthood, family life is in perpetual change; At each life cycle: birth, care for infants, entry to school, arrival of adolescence, etc., the family must adapt again and succeed in reconciling needs that are sometimes divergent.


Family conflicts are therefore inevitable; Rising, going to bed, eating, homework, taking part in domestic tasks, re-entry hours, etc., are all occasions that trigger “normal” conflicts that are found in almost every family. Check out for more elaborate information.

Parents face very complex challenges; For example, finding the right balance between protecting the younger child while promoting the development of his abilities, thus maintaining a balance between being warm and involved, to promote the development of autonomy while having clear requirements. Later, they must find the right balance between too much authoritarianism and too much permissiveness; That is to say to have authority and to inspire respect without becoming an authoritarian parent who imposes rigid rules.

Yet most families are able to adapt adequately; The vast majority of parents have the skills to perform their educational duties appropriately. These are pathways or special circumstances, such as a child’s disability, that prevent them from expressing these skills.